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A pet rock is the best pet you could ever have! You don’t have to feed it, water it, or remember to let it out every now and then! It won’t even run away! It already knows how to ‘stay” and won’t use the bathroom on the carpet. It won’t run away and you can throw it against a wall if you get angry and it and it won’t get hurt! They don’t cost you a single thing because you can find stray ones everywhere you look! There are no vet bills you have to pay and you don’t have to get its shots up-to-date! if you wash it after rescuing it from the wild, it won’t stink or get dirty easily! Isn’t that great!!! You can design and customize them however you want to! Don’t let living pets hold you back from your daily schedules! Get a rock instead and you won’t have to worry about anything that you would with a living breathing needy pet would!


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