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Sometimes the dress code goes a little too far with what we can and can’t wear. The dress code was changed this year to make it so that we can’t wear polo shirts anymore or even dress up. We even lost the chance to wear jeans on Fridays. These changes were due to the fact that students were taking advantage of these privileges. They have made so that only people with panther pins can dress up anytime and wear jeans on Thursdays and Fridays. If it was only a select few taking advantage of it, why not just let the changes affect them instead of the entire school? Honestly, how hard was it to understand that only solid colored polos with a symbol no bigger than your hand were allowed? It doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t understand why we have to have a panther pin in order to dress up. What is so wrong with dressing up and looking sharp? The only way I can see people taking advantage of dressing up is the girls, since the guys could only wear a suit and tie. Some girls wore whatever they wanted to, basically, and called it “dressing up.” Instead of taking the privilege away from everyone, why not just point out to the people what is and is not acceptable? There’s a rule in the middle school that limits what belt the students can wear. Honestly, what sense does that make? As long as the belts are doing the job they were meant to do, which is holding their pants up, I don’t see a problem.There’s even a rule on coats and sweatshirts! Seriously? We actually have to buy other coats and sweatshirts that have to be KIPP/college related in order to be able to stay warm in the seemingly below-freezing classrooms. All that does is takes money out of our (parents’) pockets and gives more money to the school. Why does it matter what coats and sweatshirts we wear? We already have them so why can’t we use them? I think that the outrageous dress code needs to be changed so that the clothes we already have aren’t just wasted money, so that the innocent people don’t have to pay for the wrong-doers’ mistakes by being strictly limited on what they can wear, and so that students can show their individuality more freely while remaining mature and professional at the same time.


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