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There are many reasons why Duke is better than Carolina. First of all, unlike Carolina, Duke made it to the 2010 NCAA Championship Final Four. Not only that, but they were actually victorious in defeating Butler and winning above all, making them the 2010 NCAA champs. Second of all, they beat Carolina this past Wednesday night by 6 points. Even the Gardner-Webb coach, Rick Scruggs, “probably the most qualified man in America right now to assess the distinction between the ACC’s two reigning superpowers,” says that Duke is a more dangerous team than Carolina. Duke’s coach is more well-known across the country than Carolina’s coach. This must be for a very good reason. Even before I was a Duke fan, I knew Duke’s coach by heart. I don’t even know who Carolina’s coach is to this very day. I don’t care if Michael Jordan, supposedly the greatest American Basketball player was from UNC. What matters is whether UNC is better than Duke right now and right now, from what I have seen, Duke is better than them by far.


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